Our Executives

Sabrina Al-Baki

Sabrina Al-Baki is President and Managing Director of Millennium Recruiting Solutions. She has brought more than 15 years of broad-range, progressive Human Resources experience to the company. She has a strong background in staffing management, employee relations, benefits, employee engagement, and performance management. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in English from Dhaka University as well as certifications in education.

Sabrina executes daily activities for the business. She leads marketing development and technology strategy. She plans and coordinates with other executive team members to achieve critical objectives for the business. She has responsibility for all financial aspects of the organization including, payroll and accounting.

Prior to starting at Millennium Recruiting Solutions, Sabrina had over 15 years of global experience running schools in private and public sectors. So, let Sabrina put that real-life experience to work for you in finding you those hard-to-find impact players.

Mohammed Al-Baki

Mohammed Al-Baki is Vice President and Managing Partner of Millennium Recruiting Solutions. Mohammed is an experienced engineer and has experience in technical and management roles.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arkansas as well as certifications in marketing& telecommunication.

Mohammed has over 22 years of diverse and international experience in IT & telecommunications, and he has worked with many different platforms & technologies. He has solid communications, interpersonal, and team-building skills. He is a highly driven, results-oriented human-resources professional with the ability to successfully lead diverse teams towards a common goal by executing a plan and achieving key objectives. His exposure covers a broad spectrum of industries including Ericsson, AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, Verizon, and GCI.

By putting his HR expertise into play, Mohammed ensures that all candidates fit culturally into their new working environments, ensuring a seamless transition into client’s organizations. He is renowned for providing quality impact players in limited time frames, which is something that is highly valued by his clients.  Mohammed delivers the impact players that make a difference by carefully matching candidates and open positions. Those he sends for interview know that the time they have invested will be worthwhile. It is his skill in timely identification of the top impact players that his clients rely on.

As a highly skilled HR professional, he brings to bear his skills in sourcing hard-to-find talent in the target areas required. Using a combination of referrals and references, he will proactively search for great talent and build a solid relationship with these valuable professionals.

Christopher Samuel

Chris Samuel is a full life cycle recruiter with Millennium Recruiting Solutions, and he has over 15 years of recruitment expertise. Chris is working as a Director and he is a Certified Senior Account Manager (CSAM). To achieve this designation an Account Executive must meet both tenure and production requirements. He is proficient in all aspects of our profession, including knowledge of Federal and State Law, as well as business practices and ethics.

Chris specializes in finance, commercial/corporate lending, and the IT financial marketplace. He has a complete understanding of the prime and sub-prime markets. He knows who the key competitors are at each interest and product level. He has an extensive network of clients and candidates in the transportation, construction, and general equipment leasing/finance space. He is specialized in placing contract, contract to hire, and full-time placements in the professional IT financial and banking industries. He also has extensive experience in placing C-level executives. Chris is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with an emphasis in finance.

Once Chris is contacted for a new search, he can engage the top performing professionals who are not actively seeking employment to consider a possible change. This allows the client to gain a key advantage in hiring that can produce immediate results with almost no lost production time. Chris is available for an initial advisory interview to determine how to best assist you in your search. If you work with Chris, you and your firm will be very pleased with the service provided.


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